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It is, and always has been, Victoria's intention that Phoenix become self-supporting and self-reliant. First, though, it had to come into being, and that was only possible through the selfless generosity of those who have caught Victoria and John's vision of a care facility built to the highest EU standards that can serve as a model for Moldova - Europe's poorest nation - where the need for such facilities is profound and urgent.

In the time between today and when Phoenix achieves full occupancy and, thereby, self-sufficiency, contributions from caring corporations, organizations, and individuals is critical for construction, maintenance, and support of the people and programs both planned and under way. 
Phoenix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAD-AID, a UK registered charity (#1150955) and a company limited by guarantee 8317917. We practice absolute transparency, and our books, budgets, and accounting are available to all, upon request.


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