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On a visit to her native Moldova in 2011, Victoria Dunford and her husband John (the shy one) became aware of the desperate need for wheelchairs. In 2012, they seized the opportunity to bring unused wheelchairs from the UK to Moldova - which they did with the help of many devoted volunteers. Those modest beginnings were the seed from which the transformation of an abandoned Soviet-era elementary school was transformed into Phoenix Centre - a daycare, treatment, and therapy centre for children with special needs. But the Centre occupied only a third of the vast structure. So the Dunford's began construction of Phoenix Home - a residential facility for senior citizens built on the European model. That project is now complete, so the Dunford's turned their eyes on building a hydrotherapy pool on property adjacent to Phoenix Home. Now, thanks once again to financial supporters and volunteers from around the world - who turn dreams into brick and mortar - ground has been broken and soon our disabled kids, senior residents, as well as the people of Riscane will be able to enjoy the benefits of water therapy and recreation. To learn more about MAD-Aid click HERE.

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